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No matter what age, most people come to see me because they experience some discomfort  in their lives and want to change that.

This can be pain due to an injury or inappropriate stress and malpostue, or other conditions that reduce well-being. Others want to stop a habit, a certain way of being they automatically adopt in certain situations, which is not conducive to what they want in their lives.  Or they simply want to increase their level of energy or learn how to relax despite the numerous demands life has on them.

Whatever it is you want to change, the primary goal of my work is always to bring your attention from inside your mind back to your body – because the body has its own intelligence and is constantly striving to balance itself. The efficiency it shows in doing this is fascinating again and again! In other words: I teach you to stop standing in your own way – to stop doing or creating things in your body that are not good for you and which keeps you from living the life you want.

The learning takes place in one-on-one sessions in which you actively participate instead of being “treated”. Together we work on achieving your goal and create the best conditions for your body to balance itself, become free, powerful and pain-free. The sessions usually take place on a weekly basis or in from of an intensive.

In addition, I offer workshops on a regular basis on different topics which, from my experience, are relevant for my clients. There is also the possibility of training-sessions, in which you can learn exercises which you can do at home and which support your individual learning process between sessions.

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